We are experts in complex disputes, especially between policyholders and insurance companies. Litigation on insurance coverage is one of the most particular and specific areas of legal dispute. Relying on legal advisers with knowledge and experience often makes the difference between success and failure.

As specialists in insurance and civil, commercial and criminal litigation, we advise our clients in all kinds of litigious and non-litigious dispute processes, especially in the event of claims in which insurance coverage is discussed.

We are specialise in conflicts involving large and medium-sized companies with their insurance company. We have successfully defended the interests of our clients in legal proceedings and have recovered for our clients tens of millions of euros in compensations for claims that were initially rejected by insurers.



We have defended large multinational groups in transnational insurance disputes related to natural disasters (flood, earthquake, etc.), product liability, D&O, etc. Our extensive experience structuring international programs for the main insurance companies, as well as reviewing and negotiating them in defense of policyholders allow us to have a deep understanding of these complex contracts and the main interpretation problems and coverage discussions that frequently arise.


After receiving a third party claim allegedly derived from a wrongful act or omission attributable to the insured , it is essential to obtain a cover letter from the liability insurer (general or professional), so that the insurance company takes charge of the claim (and defense expenses) and pays on behalf of the insured the compensation that may be imposed for possible damages caused to a third party.


We have successfully claimed coverage of legal defense and bail expenses for administrators of financial entities, investment funds or large construction and infrastructure holdings in the event of civil, bankruptcy and criminal liability claims filed against them.


We assist our clients that have suffered damages to their facilities, such as wind and photovoltaic farms, ports, power factories, food manufacturers, real estate in operation and all kinds of assets, caused by earthquakes, floods, gales, fires and other natural disasters, as well as by the action of man, faulty design,, manufacturing or assembling, etc.


We have counselled clients from all sectors in the event of claims covered by the Insurance Compensation Consortium.