We have drafted some of the main General and Professional Liability policies, D&O, property damage, business interruption or Cyber, among others, in the Spanish insurance market. Wesolowski’s professionals are part of the most specialized conference panels in national and international forums. We have participated in the design and implementation of international insurance programs, in the restructuring of international business of insurance companies and in the inspection processes before the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds of various companies. Together with brokers, we guarantee the coverage and the wording that best suits the client’s needs.


Our deep knowledge of the insurance market and the most common disputes regarding the interpretation and execution of insurance policies allow us to provide comprehensive advice that guarantees our clients that their main risks are sufficiently covered.

We have advised in the design of the insurance programs for Ibex-35 companies and other large and medium-sized companies in practically all sectors of the economy (infrastructure, construction, finance, energy…), both for domestic and worldwide risk coverage, as well as for specific projects risks, through DIC-DIL schemes, financial interest clauses or excess policies.


The D&O policy is an essential instrument in criminal proceedings for economic crimes, administrators’ liability or bankruptcy proceedings. Our law firm has advised in the drafting and contracting of D&O policies that protect the executives of the main listed and unlisted companies in Spain. Specialized advice during the contracting of these policies is essential to guarantee that, in the event of receiving a claim, the insurance will be responsible, above all, for the defense expenses and the bail bonds that may be imposed during the proceeding that eventually gets to start.


We have intervened in the negotiation, drafting and contracting of fully comprehensive property damage insurance for companies with diverse asset portfolios (wind and photovoltaic parks, real estate, factories, etc.).


We advise large and medium-sized companies in the construction sector in contracting their CAR policy to ensure an adequate level of coverage and the real effectiveness of the guarantees contracted in the event of a claim.


We regularly intervene in claims related with the non-payment of services and products at an international level and their coverage under credit policies, especially in the event that the insured’s client alleges the existence of a commercial discussion. We are experts in the assurance of all types of business operations through surety policies, both compulsory (advanced payment housing bonds, tax deferral or public tenders) as well as other non-compulsory policies, less common and more complex (surety for private construction contracts, sale of companies, etc.) advising insurance companies, underwriting agencies or policyholders.


We help all types of companies (consulting, engineering, construction, etc.) to contract a policy that provides an appropriate assistance in the event of a claim, which not only covers the compensation that they may be forced to pay to a third party, but also, offers coverage for legal defense expenses (attorneys’ fees, preventive measures, etc.) from the first moment in the event of a claim.